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Reviews, the Saint Jude Twin Rivers Retreat

Did you attend the Twin Rivers Retreat? Please Submit your Review Below.

5 Comments on The Twin Rivers Retreat – Reviews

  1. DE says:

    The St. Jude Retreats changed my life. In 2003 I went through the Jude Thaddeus Program (it is now called the St. Jude Program – they are always evolving their program) for the six weeks, and while I don’t want to discuss specific names on the web, let’s just say that the staff was so good at what they do there. I went to two other rehabs before that, and just assumed I was going to go through hell one more time. I was wrong. I saw reviews for the Saint Jude Retreats that talked up the place, and thought, “Oh, God, here we go again.” Because every place says they are the best. But I was wrong. St. Jude’s is the real deal. They gave me hope, and then they showed me how to actually accomplish things. I was never called a client or patient just like their website says, and I was treated like the person they wanted me to be – really nice. But, I do want to say that rebuilding my life has been hard at times since coming home, that’s life. But I have been sober, and I have accomplished things for me and my kids that I never thought would be possible again. So, if you read the reviews for the St. Jude Retreats that I read, know that they really do care and treat you right. No more disease nonsense, no meetings, just life and a good one at that.

    David E. 2003

  2. JT says:

    I just read David’s review of the Saint Jude Retreats at a review blog site, and decided to put in my two cents. I went through the program at St. Jude’s that same year (I think a little later than D.E.), and had a little different experience. First let me say that my life is totally changed for the positive. With that said, I was a little more difficult than David. I struggled with my first instructor, and they immediately adjusted and found me someone more compatible. That was awesome. Next, I complained about just about everything cuz I was just used to being a spoilled brat. They worked with me so much. Unbelieveable really. Basically, I was a pain, and they tolerated my fits and then kept on teaching. It took me to week five, and then I broke. I realized so much and made the decision to change my life. I went home, tried drinking for about 3 days, and realized that I needed to grow up. Without the St. Jude Thadeus Program, I am not sure I would have made it through that rough spot. I too went through a few rehabs before St Jude Retreats that made me believe I was an “alcoholic” but that was reversed at Saint. Jude’s. So if you are thinking of going somewhere The St. Jude Retreat House is a great place to get sober. I hope this review helps someone. J.T. (also went through in 2003)

  3. Jared says:

    I just read the following reviews by these professionals and read the other reviews by past guests and their parents.

    I went through the St. Jude Retreats in late summer 2006. I think more people need to know about this place. I was eighteen and already hopeless and treatment that I was sent to prior to St. Jude’s wasn’t working. I think these guys below that give the science reviews of the program are telling the truth. St. Judes was awesome and the know their sh#t. Non 12 step all the way… Find it here

  4. Ronda Kagan says:

    After struggling with the 12 step way for 20 years…my brother found St. Jude Retreat House and I finally went in 2005. I completed both the 6 week and 3 month CE programs and opted to stay as an employee for another year.
    After that year they asked me to leave…at first I was upset…but now I know they we actually looking out for me! By staying I really hadn’t completed the program. I was still living in fear. My whole life was still revolving around the Retreat House and I wasn’t practicing what I learned…
    So how is my life now? Awesome!!!
    I am very successful at my job. I’m a homeowner. I have a dog and meaningful relationships! I think things through….think about how the choices I make effect everyone around me.
    I’ve taken control of my life…was very overweight…not anymore…from a size 16 to a 6…stopped smoking…and practice a healthy lifestyle! I give back to my community…and always lend a helping hand.
    The world doesn’t revolve around me! Yup, I learned all of this at St. Jude Retreat House.
    Thank you Jerry, Michelle, Mark and Danielle!!! I love you all and think of you always!!!

    • Mark says:

      Ronda, So glad to hear how you are doing!! I just read your review to Danielle over the phone and she was sooo happy. She said to tell you that she loves ya!! Glad to hear of your successes – that is what St. jude’s is really all about – when you go home!!

      Take care Ronda,

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