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If you have attended the Saint Jude Retreat Center or are a current guest, please let us know about your experience.

This site is for reviews about The Saint Jude Retreat House for people who have attended our program to share their experiences while attending our retreat center and let others seeking help for drug and alcohol abuse know what to expect while they attending The Saint the Retreat House.

Before you came to the Saint Jude Retreat House, did you want the following information? Are the classes structured? What is the the quality of the food? Will there be any down time? What are the retreat activities? Does the staff credentials and do they treat guest with kindness and respect?

Let us know if you have attended our program and enjoyed your experience. The Saint Jude Review Site is dedicated to inform people about our retreat center when attending. Your comments will help us continue to grow and serve people who need help with alcohol abuse and drug addictions issues.

The Saint Jude Retreats


8 Comments on The Saint Jude Retreat Center Reviews

  1. […] the way people with substance use problems are helped. For the past 25 years the founders of the St. Jude Retreats have dedicated their lives to helping people to overcome substance use problems. Mark Scheeren and […]

  2. Dave says:

    In 2005 my daughter went through St. Jude’s Program. Actually she was asked to leave after just two weeks, but then was allowed to return two months later. Honestly, I think this was the best thing that happened to her (although I was quite upset at the time). It was one of the first times in her life that consequences made her mature a bit. When I got the call she was being asked to leave I was angry, terrified and hurt all at once. The staff at St. Jude’s was patient, understanding and incredibly kind to me. They explained to me that this can be an integral part in the learning process and that they were here to help us every step of the way. They told me she could come back to do the program after a waiting period, and that they would continue to work with her over the phone to help her get ready to return. When she returned it was because she truly wanted to change her life, not because I was forcing it. Immediately upon going back to the program I could see a huge change in her and that change has lasted. She completed the Jude Thaddeus Program and stayed to do the Continuing Education Program. She is now a much more mature person and I am so proud of her. As a parent, I absolutely recommend Saint Jude Retreats, but not without saying this first: be patient, and know that the staff is always looking to help even when things may take a turn that is temporarily difficult. My daughter has always been tough on everyone, but most of all herself. This experience has done more for my daughter and our whole family than I could have hoped for. Special thanks go out to Michelle and Cheryl for their patience with me during those tough times, and for making thiose tough calls with my daughter. These are good, professional people.

    A grateful father,

  3. Debbie says:

    I sent my daughter through the St. Jude Retreats in 2003. It was a rough go, but th staff there was incredible. I think they only had one retreat house in those days, the Twin Rivers Retreat in NY. My daughter was close several times to being asked to leave, (she was always a trouble maker!!) but they assigned one of their teachers to work with her one on one the entire time – this was free of charge by the way. This made the difference because hannah would never had completed had the staff not done that. As I write this I am emotional because everyone tried so hard, and she is a great mom today. She did relapse once, but she simply got over it and moved past it. Although she does still struggle sometimes with mild depression, she is able to work through it without the medications she was on prior to St. Judes. When I read your story above, I was inspired to write this. It is the only way I know how to give back, because I got my daughter back. I hope people read this.

  4. Michelle says:

    Deb, It was tough there for a bit, but like anything, with enough time and attention there are always solutions. I am so glad to hear that she has grown since coming through the retreat. Tell her everyone here at the retreats says hello. Take care,


  5. mary says:

    this is such a great page. i went to the saint jude retreat house in 2009 and ever since then i have been doing great. i still keep in touch with some of the instructors there. they truly are wonderful people. i have never been so happy in my life… thank you st judes :)

  6. deborah rand says:

    My son (Name Deleted for Confidentiality by Administrator) went to the executive retreat house fall of 20010. He came home full of hope but after just 1 month he relapsed on pills and 3 months later he was doing heroin.We think St Judes program is great but with no after care, people who have other issues to come home to (our son was serverly over weight, had no job, no girlfriend and no friends except his old drug friends) they did not think any of this might make it hard to start his life over at 30 yrs old….he was also depressed rom the effects of his drug use and has ADHD…they felt he should just be positive and everything would be o.k. well it was not…there has to be more reality and after care here…just our opinion

    • Michelle Dunbar says:

      Dear Deborah,

      The question of aftercare is a common concern for parents and guests alike. Where all disease based treatment programs inform patients and families that in order to stay sober and drug free patients must attend ongoing outpatient treatment, 12 step or other support group meetings and/or group therapy, St. Jude’s has no such requirement as research has shown that participation in aftercare decreases post program success rates dramatically. Support group meetings, group therapy and/or outpatient treatment provided by traditional treatment can be costly and only serve to chain people to their past problems and force them rely on external forces. Adherence to prolonged aftercare consistently reinforces the notion of powerlessness and helplessness, increasing rates of relapse, anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.

      In contrast, the St. Jude Program builds self-confidence, self-reliance, and an internal locus of control which is crucial to creating and maintaining a sober and drug free lifestyle. As an answer to the aftercare question, St. Jude’s provides program graduates and their families unlimited access to CBE certified instructors, researchers and management staff in perpetuity post program. Whether you attended St. Jude Retreats last month, last year or 20 years ago, CBE certified instructors are available to provide private, personal instruction and assistance via phone, email or video conference at no additional charge. Participation in this additional help must be voluntary on the past guests part, as all participation in the St. Jude Program must remain self-motivated in order for permanent personal change to occur.

      In addition to this free help, St. Jude’s also provides the St. Jude Continuing Education (CE) Program, wherein guests can return or stay an additional 2 – 4 weeks in program at the retreats to have more time to work on a specific area of their life, practice what they have learned and/or gain more self confidence prior to going home. Ultimately the only “aftercare” program that is beneficial is one that reinforces personal responsibility, personal power and self directed goals, which is exactly what St. Jude’s offers.



  7. Stephen says:

    This is a great Saint Jude Retreat Reviews Page! Attended the Saint Jude Retreat Center in 2007 and couldn’t be happier i selected you guys! THANK YOU

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